Buying a VoIP-gateway

What You Need to Consider When Buying a VoIP-gateway

Some entrepreneurs planning to improve the communication system in the office face the question: which GSM VoIP gateway is better? After all, there is a huge choice on the technology market — a variety of models equipped with a different number of channels from different manufacturers.

Those wishing to purchase the VoIP-equipment should be guided by their load level needs. Sometimes, the calls to the company are made rarely — a warehouse or office. In other cases, constant consulting of clients over the phone or advertising campaigns are required. In the first embodiment, it suffices to install a 1-4 channel gateway. A multichannel device that has 32 ports is best suited for the second option.

At the same time, some businesses connected the equipment with the average number of channels, for example, GoIP 8 or 16, gradually expanding lines and adding connections. In fact, it’s quite a good option, since this alternative is perfect for medium-sized businesses, local companies, courier services, and small call centers.

With regard to the different manufacturers, GoIP is in demand and focused on the price-quality ratio. A few suppliers in the market usually offer the devices of this brand. The gateways from Topex and Hybertone are cheap and of good quality, whereas Antrax equipment is more expensive and often not affordable to buyers. As for the quality, it is no better than the two previously mentioned companies.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs buy more proven equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Cisco, AudioCodes, Addpac, and TaiNet. The first of these has many functions and is characterized by ease of installation and setup, and economical efficiency. This manufacturer is continuously improving its equipment. For example, Cisco Small Business is equipped with protection against failures and the security system from hacker attacks.

On the other hand, executives often install affordable and reliable analog VoIP gateways. They are suitable for commercial use and have the same advantages as the equipment from well-known manufacturers, but they have additional equipment for data transmission, voice deployment, integration of services, and other useful features.

If you choose to buy a VoIP GSM gateway, it is important to determine the most appropriate option to avoid having to deal with unpleasant surprises.

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